AR Flat Button ActiveX Control 1.06

This is just another flat button control, that admits either a picture or a caption. It also has extra functionallity that will allow you to set certain aspects of the behaviour of the control, like different pictures depending on the state, if the button should popup or if the button should stay pressed on a click.


I didn't think about doing a control like this, as I have the Sheridan ActiveThreed Controls, which allow me to do most of the typical visual effects to my programs. They are quite expensive, though. There is also a 'Soft Button' control in the VB Owners section of the Microsoft Visual Basic web site, although this control only works with graphics, and doesn't allow you to have a button just with a caption (it also has a couple of bugs, but don't tell Microsoft). Finally I have seen other controls but they didn't work very well, and most of them were almost exact copies of the control made by Microsoft.

Anyways, as many people asked me about controls of this kind, and I also wanted to have a couple of features missing in other controls, I made my own one.

This control uses the Hot Track library, made by some programmer in Microsoft and distributed from the VB Owners web site. This library provides my control of the necessary events to handle the position of the mouse. The source code of the library is compiled with the control for speed.

Remember that to be able to use the control you will have to introduce the license information in the registry of your computer. You can do this by just double clicking on the 'AR Flat Button Control License.reg' file, included in the ZIP.

The control has a lot of properties, methods and events, so I will just comment the ones specific for this control. If you find any bugs, you have comments, or you think I should add something to this control, please contact me.






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Alvaro Redondo, 1998. All Rights Reserved.