AR INI Manager ActiveX Library 1.01

This library will allow you to manage INI files in a very simple way. Just with a few methods you will be able to read, write and list the whole contents of INI files.





To start using the library:

Dim INIMan As New ARINIMan
INIMan.FileName = "c:\test.ini"

To write information to the INI file:

Dim Res as Boolean
Res = INIMan.WriteString("Paths", "App Path", "MyApplicationPath")
Res = INIMan.WriteString("Paths", "Data Path", "MyDataPath")
Res = INIMan.WriteString("Appearance", "3D", "True")
Res = INIMan.WriteString("Appearance", "Top", "TopValue")
Res = INIMan.WriteString("Appearance", "Left", "LeftValue")

To get the number of sections in the INI file and the name of the first section:


To get the number of keys in a section:

or NumberOfKeys=INIMan.Section(INIMan.Sections(1)).Count

To get the value of the Top key in the Appearance section:

Value = INIMan.Section("Appearance")("Top").Value (this one only works if the key really exists)
or Value = INIMan.GetString("Appearance", "Top", "MyDefault")

The methods to delete don't require any explanation. If you have questions or bugs, please contact me.


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Alvaro Redondo, 1998. All Rights Reserved.