RC2 Block Cipher ActiveX Library 1.02

This library will encrypt information using the RC2 block cipher by RSA. It also has a built-in system to export the encrypted information to a more appropiate format to travel through network or modem connections, including e-mail.

The implementation of this algorithm has been done based on the RFC 2268, "A Description of the RC2(r) Encryption Algorithm" by R. Rivest from RSA. You can use the test vectors specified in this document to test the integrity of the algorithm.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The RC2 algorithm is owned by RSA. If you want to use in a commercial program, you will have to get a license to use it. Go to http://www.rsa.com for more information.

IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT RESTRICTIONS ON IMPORTING STRONG ENCRYPTION ALGORITHMS IN SOME COUNTRIES: This encryption algorythm is a block cipher that uses a length-variable key, limited to a maximum of 1024 bits. Due to this, some people might not be allowed by the goverments of their countries to download this library and make use of it. Check your local restrictions. Spanish citizens don't have restrictions of any kind over encryption algorythms, so please enjoy and make use of this library. Anyways, no information is saved about where this library goes to when people download it, neither on who comes to this web. This doesn't mean, at all, that I'm inviting you not to follow the law in your country, if it is the case.





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