Casablanca de Saha Maltese

Rainbow Bridge

There is a place near heaven called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal, which has been very closed to somebody here on earth, dies, it goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are fields and hills there so all our friends can run and play together. There is a lot of food, water and sun, and our friends are warm and comfortable there.

All those animals which had been ill and old recover their health and strength; those which were injured or crippled, get their healthy body back as we remember them in our dreams from old times. They are happy and glad, but they only miss one thing: they have lost somebody very special, somebody who has been left behind.

They are running and playing together, but suddenly, one day one of them stops and looks from a distance. Its bright eyes try to see and its body starts to shake. Suddenly, it leaves the others: it starts to fly over the field, faster and faster each time. It has recognized you, and when you both have finally met each other, you hug together at the happy meeting neither in order nor to be split apart any more. Your face is covered with its happy kisses, your hands caress once more its beloved head and you look once more into its trustful eyes, something you have missed so much and never forgotten.

Then, you both cross Rainbow Bridge to be together forever.

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