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Casablanca de SahaOur History

Casablanca de Saha is one of the oldest kennels in Spain. It was recognized by The Fédération Cynologique Internationale in 1972 and given the number 9/72. Our general register number is 564.

irish setterBut our relationship with dogs goes back to the year 1968, when we were so lucky to meet Saha, a charming female Irish Setter, born in March, who came, saw and won. Wild, impetuous and very endearing, she never learnt to hunt. She was supposed to learn, as it is a quality of the breed. But what she really loved was to run after pigeons, when we went for a walk to the park, after birds in the country, or after anything moving, even though it was only a piece of paper moved by the wind.

irish setterBut, on the other hand, she learnt how to sit on a motorbike, an old "Vespa", our mean of transport in that time. She traveled sitting completely quiet between the driver’s knees, with her head leaving to one of the sides, breathing the air with her eyes half-opened. It must have been a real pleasure for her.

irish setterUsually it was not necessary to have her bent: she rarely ran away from us and at our first call she always approached quickly, asking for caresses. She was a member of our family and considered herself as our son’s mother. We just had to look at her raising her head, breathing the air and rushing to our son’s bedroom, to know that we had to get there quickly to "help" her to change his "wet" napkins.

But she also felt a film star when she was taking part of one of those "Beauty Competitions", which led to what is known today as "Dog Sows". She acted as a real miss and always won a prize. How happy we were!. I keep a lot of memories of that friend that make me, still nowadays, love to be surrounded by my dogs.

And I hope that the day when we meet in the Rainbow Bridge, I will be able to put my hand on her head again, patting her and looking into her eyes; she will fill me with her thoughts and we will return to our wild adventures, running, jumping, laughing, barking and feeling on my face all her kisses, and...

cocker with tiger cubspoodleMany came after her... Jenny, a mystical Dalmatian; Shaika, the stunning Harlequin Great Dane; Lassie, a Collie; Pelé, which looked much more like a little horse than a big Great Dane; Azor, a Drathaar, specialist in jumping over the fence and stealing our neighbor’s chickens. Tundra, a boxer, who placed herself on the steps of the staircase to avoid our son rolling down; Cuca, the great Teckel lady, a hunter and a house keeper, that aroused my friends Paquita Parreño and Fernando Largo’s desire to breed the marvelous Teckel dogs that today have their affix; Spet, my first Champion; and Mig, Zala, Gara, Winna, Frisa, Barbra, Belize, Candia, Zora, Karina, Carissa, Christie, Pal, Xito, Troppi, Tupi, Jock, Chino, Danny, Bella, Feria, Feona, Sonja, Sita, Trouble, Lucky, Bebe, Silvana, Fagun, Clarita, Bell, Andra, Bessy, Flame, Hady, Taiga, Coco... and so many others which have been with me during all these years at home and in Shows. Many of them were excellent representatives of their breeds and became champions, but above all, all of them were excellent friends and mates.

pekingeseteckelMany of the most popular breeds have had a representative in my house: Great Danes, German Shepherds, white and black Poodles, Irish Setters, Pointers, Drathaars, Dobermans, Pekinese, Boxers, Dachshunds, cockers, etc. There is so much time throughout thirty years!

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