AR Form Extender ActiveX Control 1.14

This control will allow you to use a picture as the background of your control, centered or tiled, or a gradient. You will also be able to make the form flash, remember its last size, position and state, stay on top, clip the mouse over it, show a gradient as its title bar, resize its contents on change of size or set the minimum or maximum height or width that the form will be able to have. The control has also a special resize event that you can use to resize other controls included in the form.

This control replaces and improves the AR OnTop, AR Flash and AR Background controls.





VERY IMPORTANT: If you are going to use the background options of this control, set the AutoRedraw property of the form in which you place this control to True.

Note: Please, read the FAQ section about finishing a project that has this control with the End statement.


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