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Welcome. From this web site you will be able to download free ActiveX controls, components and libraries to use them in your own programs.

These ActiveX controls have been implemented using Visual Basic 5 with Service Pack 3, or Visual Basic 6, and are intended to be used in any flavour of the Windows operating system. It should also be possible to use them within other ActiveX-compatible environments, although I have not tested this myself.

Take into account that every ActiveX component will need acccess to the runtime libraries corresponding to the Visual Basic version, including Service Pack, with which it was compiled. This means that if you are not going to use them with the same Visual Basic version — or in Visual Basic at all — you will have to make sure that the runtime libraries are installed. You can download the runtime libraries from the following links:

Visual Basic 5 SP3 run-time libraries (1.28 Mb)

Visual Basic 6 SP3 run-time libraries (1.01 Mb)

Remember that the Service Pack is important, too. Please, make sure you have the appropriate Visual Basic Service Pack installed in your developement machine.

For common questions, please refer to the FAQ.


ACTIVEX COMPONENTS (compiled with Visual Basic 6)

Please, click here if you want to see the list of ActiveX components compiled with Visual Basic 5 with Service Pack 3.



AR Button ActiveX Control 1.10.0005 This button can replace the standard command button that comes with Visual Basic, or act as an active or borderless button. It supports text or different pictures depending on the state of the button.
AR Flat Button ActiveX Control 1.00.0006 This is not a button with active borders but a real flat button, without 3D appearance at all.
AR Form Extender ActiveX Control 1.14 This control will allow you to use a picture as the background of your control, centered or tiled, or a gradient. You will also be able to make the form flash, remember its last size, position and state, stay on top, clip the mouse over it, show a gradient as its title bar, resize its contents on change of size or set the minimum or maximum height or width that the form will be able to have. The control has also a special resize event that you can use to resize other controls included in the form.
AR Gradient ActiveX Control 1.05 This is just another gradient ActiveX control, with a few features that I have never found in other gradient controls, like the ability of acting as a title bar and moving the form in which it is placed, supporting transparent controls without problems or being able to make the gradient between any two colors.
AR PopUp Menu ActiveX Control 1.01 This is a simple pop-up menu control, that you can show wherever you want over your forms. It's based on the MR Active Label control.
AR Progress Bar ActiveX Control 2.00.0002 This is a very customizable bar control, that will show a plain color bar or a gradient bar between any two colors.
MR Active Label ActiveX Control 1.02 This label control is able to change its fore color on mouse events, and open an internet address on click.
AR INI Manager ActiveX Library 2.00 This library will allow you to manage INI files in a very simple way. Just with a few methods you will be able to read, write and list the whole contents of INI files in an object oriented way.
AR Magic Packet ActiveX Library 1.0 You can use this library to send a magic packet to turn computers on remotely.
AR NT Directory ActiveX Library 1.01 With this library you will be able to control multiple objects in a Windows NT 4.0 environment: computers, users, groups, shares, services and printers.
AR Print ActiveX Library 1.01 This library will allow you to print simple text in the printer you select, using any font and specifying margins and orientation for the paper.
AR Registry Access ActiveX Library 1.05.0001 This library allows you to fully access the Windows registry in an object-oriented way.
AR Services Manager ActiveX Library 1.03 With this library you will be able to manage services in a NT system.
AR Subclass ActiveX Library 1.01 Using this library it will be very easy for you to subclass any window and intercept any messages that you specify.
AR Users Database ActiveX Library 1.20 This library will carry the management of an users database for login verification, and all the normal operations that you will need. All the information is stored in an encrypted file.
Base64 Encoding ActiveX Library 2.04 This library implements the Base64 encoding system as it is defined in RFC 2045. This encoding is used as a standard to send binary information through network connections or by e-mail.


Here I'll put some code snippets that you might find interesting, usually as Visual Basic classes.

CRC32.cls CRC32 is an algorithm used to create a validation string of data.
ID3tag11.cls ID3 tags are used to store information in multimedia files, commonly MP3 files. This class manages version 1.0 and 1.1 ID3 tags.
RLE.cls RLE (Run Length Encoding) is a very simple compression algorithm, mainly used for streams of data with strings of repeating characters. Please note that you might find different, not compatible implementations.



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