AR Magic Packet ActiveX Library 1.0

You can use this library to send a magic packet to turn computers on remotely.

This library has two dependencies that you should take into account: the Microsoft Winsock Control (MSWINSCK.OCX) and the AR Registry Library.



Note: Except for the SendMagicPacket method, all the other methods only work under Windows 2000. The computer you want to turn on can be using any other operating system.

If you are not using Windows 2000 you can find out the MAC address of the network adapter of a computer by running this command from a DOS prompt:

    nbtstat -a ip_address

Of course, the network adapter of the computer that you want to turn on has to support the wake-on-lan specification. Also it usually needs to be plugged to the motherboard using an additional cable. Please, refer to the instructions of the network adapter and the motherboard for this.

You can read more about Magic Packet technology at the following address:


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