AR Gradient ActiveX Control 1.05

This is just another gradient ActiveX control, with a few features that I have never found in other gradient controls, like the ability of acting as a title bar and moving the form in which it is placed, supporting transparent controls without problems or being able to make the gradient between any two colors.


IMPORTANT NOTE: After version 1.03, the control is not compatible with the previous versions (I keep having these problems with Visual Basic, that seem not to be solved after SP3). Therefore, if you want to use it in programs in which you were already using any of the previous versions, you will have to compile the program again, against this last version. You will also have to introduce in the registry of your computer the information in the REG file, even if you already did this for any of the previous versions. If you don't do this you will not be able to use the control at design-time.



Also you can place other controls over this one (this control can act as a frame control). This is very useful when you want to put labels (including transparent ones) over it.


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